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The patterns shown are examples of some of the themes I use. I find inspiration in late 19th century and early 20th century Arts and Crafts designs, the American Indian pottery of the Southwest and the wildflowers of a Texas spring. The themes of modern Majolica pottery also echo in my painting of sunflowers and grapes. Revisiting these designs I continue to explore keeps them fresh and ever changing.

Geometric pattern   double windows pattern
Geometric Pattern
    Double Windows Pattern
sunflower with fruit pattern   mornig glory pattern
Sunflowers with Fruit Pattern   Morning Glory Pattern

Oval platter
  Blue Hearts Pattern
Japanese Apple Blossoms Pattern
    Blue Hearts Pattern

Grapes on Clay Pattern

Sunflower Pattern
Grapes on Clay Pattern
    Sunflower Pattern


My glaze colors and their translucent quality is one of the most distinctive aspects to my work. I spent several years developing a large palette of watercolor like underglazes and employ glaze techniques based on traditional Mediterranean Majolica pottery: colors applied over a white glaze on earthenware clay, then a clear glaze applied overall. Though ancient Majolica was made using lead and tin to produce its distinctive bright colors, my glazes are made with non-toxic stains and minerals and are, of course, lead free. I paint with Chinese sumi (calligraphy) brushes designs inspired by the flowers, butterflies and birds outside my studio windows as well as years of art history studies and travels to museums worldwide.

Because my colors are soft and varied, they blend beautifully together or with any décor.

dutch blue   lavender
Prussian Blue  
light olive   mauve
Light Olive
Periwinkle Blue   pine
Periwinkle Blue
sea green   spring green
Sea Green
    Spring Green
(Shown in 5 Tube Size)
terra cotta   yellow ivory
Terra Cotta   Yellow Ivory
Not all colors shown: Yellow ivory, spring green (yellow green), sea green (turquoise green), pine (blue green), light olive, dutch blue, lavender purple, terra cotta. 


Each piece signed by the artist. All Designs by Ann Feldmeir for Clay Hearts Pottery. © 1984-2009
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