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Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging, can be distilled down to a philosophy of “less is more”. Rather than stems stuck onto metal pins to rise from a flat surface, I have designed a simple pleated bowl with hollow tubes to support either thin stems or thick ones. Each bowl is carefully assembled from clay slabs, even tubes of clay are rolled and cut by hand, then glazed in my distinctive pastel colors, with subtle veins on each “petal”, gently suggesting the flowers which they are intended to display. Adhering to a basic principle of flower arranging, my ikebanas come in several sizes with the appropriate odd number of tubes.

Being hand built, sizes are approximate and all prices subject to change.

ikebana set spring green
Three tubes - 9" X 5": $70
Single tube - 7" X 4": $50 5 tube ikebana

pedestal ikebana
Five tubes (tall pedestal) - 14" X 10": $225   Five tubes (ball feet) - 14" X 6": $150
Colors (not all colors shown): Yellow ivory, spring green (yellow green), sea green (turquoise green), pine (blue green), light olive, dutch blue, lavender purple, terra cotta. 
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