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The fish, birds and butterflies will hang outside or inside. Weather will not affect the colors. If winters are harsh and freezing where you live, bring them indoors until spring. All sizes are approximate. Each piece is cut out individually without a template.

Being hand built, sizes are approximate and all prices subject to change.

Parrots 13” X 11” $75
3 canteens
Wall Canteens:  Large 12” X 10” $350 and up.  Small 10” X 8” $225 and up.
Leather strap 28” without fringe
Funeral Urn: (12" tall), $200 and up
Oval Vase: 10" tall, $120 and up
Fish - 15": $55 and up
Several types available
Humming Birds: Large 14” $60.  Small 12” $50
sake set

Sake Set: bottle 13” $120, cups 4” $30

Pitcher 10" tall, $85 and up Jug 11" tall, $120 and up
dragonfly ikebana goddess

Dragonfly and Butterfly Goddess Ikebanas (3 large tubes for flower stems):
12” X 8”  $250 and up

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Each piece signed by the artist. All Designs by Ann Feldmeir for Clay Hearts Pottery. © 1984-2009
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